EHSAN LAW was born out of a real compassion to help those who find themselves in an unfavorable situation in an unsympathetic and unfamiliar system, a system that can be even more unsympathetic and even less favorable to the most vulnerable members of the society – noncitizens.

While the United States population is increasingly becoming more diverse, unfortunately the legal profession has not been able to keep pace with this increasing rate of cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity. This has, among other things, led to a big segment of the society to feel underserved and less understood when it comes to their need for legal services.

This is where EHSAN LAW comes to help fill this increasingly growing gap. Mr. Ehsan’s diverse professional and personal background fits well into this lack of cultural diversity and understanding within the U.S. legal profession. Mr. Ehsan’s own diverse background enables him to understand the diverse backgrounds of his clients which would in turn help him provide more personalized and dedicated legal services.

More importantly, having been born and raised in Afghanistan during one of Afghanistan’s most challenging periods – the war against the Soviet Union and the subsequent civil war and the Taliban rule (Taliban 01), Mr. Ehsan (Ehsan law) is familiar with life’s unimaginable and unpredicted hardships and challenges. Those experiences have on the other hand taught him compassion and empathy for everyone especially for those experiencing hardships and uncertainties as new comers in a new, unfamiliar land with an uncertain future.

Mr. Ehsan obtained his first law degree from Afghanistan, which is centered on Islamic/Sharia Law. Coupled with his American legal expertise, Mr. Ehsan enjoys an exclusive position within the U.S. legal profession, which would help him make a closer understanding of, and connection with, his clients and their complex family law issues.

His experience as a prosecutor and judicial law clerk has given him a unique insight into how the court system works in the United States, what factors and issues impact a judge’s ruling, and what kinds of lawyering skills would determine the outcome of a case, and most importantly, what character aspects of a lawyer would earn them the court’s respect and trust. Mr. Ehsan has used the same behind-the-scenes knowledge to serve as a successful and respected prosecutor in Minnesota and Washington.